Medical and Pharmaceutical

Automation Systems Integration
Automotive and Automotive Safety
Battery Manufacturing
Building and Construction
Electrical and Chip Manufacturing
Machining and Tooling
Medical and Pharmaceutical
Personal Care and Houseware
Plating Industry


medical assembly equipment
prototype tooling machining

Abbot Critical Care
TP4 Gel Cup Tray Loading Machine
EZ-VAC Lid Assembly Machine

Baxa Corporation
medical assembly & test machines


Becton Dickinson

Angio Needle/Pitch Point Feed
Automated Catheter Placement
Automated Spring Assembly Machine
Medical assembly

Cardinal Health
medical assembly – making health-care safer/ more productive
ConMed / Aspen Labs
medical assembly & test machines
Cobe Cardiovascular (now CaridianBCT)
CML Folder/Unwinder Tooling
Syringe Vibratory Feed and Escapement System

MOP HF Case Assembly Machine
Medical Part Feeding, Orientation, and Placement
Sprue Cutoff Machine

Electromedics, Inc.
ICU Medical Inc.

Mount Sopris Instrument Co.
borehole geophysical logging systems, world leader for 50 years
Vital Signs/Marquest Medical
Humidifier Crimp Machine
Medical Cap and Vent Feed System
  Olicon International
MVP-035 Micro Film X-Ray Viewer


OraLabs, Inc.

Research Electro-Optics
high performance optical products

  Rocky Mountain Orthodontics
Orthodontic Device Feed System

Rose Medical Center

IV Check Vent
Membrane Die Press and Magazine Storage Machine
IV Flow/Tubing Set Assembly Machine